Yoga trainer fun

With a body as incredible as the one Zeb Atlas has, taking care of himself physically is almost a full time job…he’s gotta keep those muscles bulging and his stomach toned, and what better way than by doing a little yoga? He called up his friend who happened to be a yoga instructor and also happened to be a hot and horny blonde MILF, and asked her to give him a lesson or two. She was more than happy to oblige but once Zeb showed up and she got a load of his huge muscles her panties just got wetter until she cancelled the yoga lesson in favor of a tour of her bed! The sexy muscle hunk licked her hole while she sucked his big cock, then lifted her on top of his tool to slowly sink down. He fucked her left right and center, making her big tits bounce, and realized he was getting a hell of a good aerobic workout after all!

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