Deep in the Woods for Str8 to Gay

[gayvilla] After a long hard day drilling holes, screwing, and hammering sexy stud Jessie Colter is ready for a little refreshing break...and he knows just the right spot in the woods where guys cum to cruise and have anon sex! As fate would have it though, his musclebound boss Zeb Atlas caught him getting naked and heading towards the trees and when that thick dick of his popped out Jessie changed his plans right then and there! (more…)

Zeb teaches Mike

Mike De Marko was learning about infidelity but wasn't entirely clear on the concept so he decided to stay after class and talk to his teacher, musclebound hunk Zeb Atlas, about the subject. Zeb was more than happy to give Mike a little hands-on demonstration of what infidelity might feel like as he slid his big thick cock into his face and hole (more…)

Zeb Atlas hotel room fuck

Zeb was staying at a hotel when one of his good friends decided to swing by and pay a visit, to say hi but more importantly to wrap his lips around that thick slab of meat in Zeb's pants! He's got a taste for muscles and a strong masculine body so getting a little piece of Zeb Atlas sounded right up his alley (more…)